Queensland Pool Safety Inspections Courses

All regulated swimming pools in Queensland are required, at the time of sale or lease of their property, to have a pool safety inspection which includes pool fence certification. This must be conducted by licensed pool safety inspector who will issue a pool safety certificate stating that the pool fence certification has been completed and the pool complies with pool fence legislation Qld and the new pool safety laws and standards. Currently there are in excess of 350,000 swimming pools located in the state of Queensland.

11067NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections:

Stay Safe Industry Training Pty Ltd (RTO 40963) is the Registered Training Organisation approved to deliver this nationally recognised accredited training course. This pool fence inspection course has been added to the scope of its accredited training through the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) This course must be completed by an individual wishing to apply for a Pool Safety Inspectors licence through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to be able to conduct pool fence certification inspections of pool barriers in Queensland and issue Pool Safety Certificates.

There are no pre-requisite requirements for enrolment in this course. As such, this course is open to any individual including persons from New South Wales wishing to complete this course and apply for mutual recognition.

This course will appeal to people of lots of backgrounds including anyone that is passionate about pool safety. Drownings in backyard swimming pools remains one of the key locations for drowning deaths of children aged 0 -4 years of age. Please refer to our Pool fence legislation Queensland page for further information about child drowning statistics in Queensland.


Jacqui Murphy is the Principal Trainer for Stay Safe Industry Training in the delivery of the 11067NAT Course in Swimming Pool Safety Inspections and will be your trainer over the 2.5 days of this course.

Jacqui is the most experienced trainer in Australia in the delivery of this pool fence inspection course having delivered this training since the industry commenced in December 2010, training hundreds of people from various backgrounds including swimming pool technicians, police officers building and pest inspectors, Council staff, builders, fencing installers, and even mums and dads who are wishing to achieve a more balanced work/life routine by embarking on a new career.

Jacqui has assisted hundreds of students in successfully completing this course and going on to become qualified and successful Pool Safety Inspectors. Jacqui will share with you her experience in pool safety and how to set up a business in this highly regarded industry for success!

After the course has finished, you will receive ongoing support and access to Jacqui, who can assist you as you navigate your new career in this industry.

Course delivery and outcomes:

The 11067NAT course is delivered via ZOOM webinar over 2.5 days. This means there is no need for you to travel to our classroom! This will save you both time and money in travel (and accommodation) whilst still providing you with the same face to face experience of in classroom interaction and training delivery.

During the course you will learn the pool safety legislation Queensland laws and how to apply these in the role of a Pool Safety Inspector when conducting an inspection of a regulated pool, for the issuing of a pool safety certificate or nonconformity notice. This course will provide you with the real practical skills required to operate a successful business in this industry.

As required under the accredited course guideline, the following content will be covered during this course:

NAT11067001 - Conduct a pool safety inspection

This Unit will teach you the skills and knowledge required to competently perform inspections of regulated swimming pools and issue pool safety certificates and nonconformity notices in accordance with legislative requirements. As such, you will learn how to:

  • Plan for your inspection
  • Use the Pool Safety Register to issue Pool Safety Certificates
  • Read and interpret pool safety legislation Queensland including the Building Act 1975
  • Apply and interpret the pool safety standard in deciding whether a pool is compliant during pool safety certification
  • Report on inspection outcomes in the manner and timeframe required by legislation
  • Provide recommendations on how to achieve compliance when barrier is non-compliant
  • Keep records of inspections in accordance with pool safety legislation Queensland requirements
  • Gather and maintain evidence appropriately including photos and video during pool fencing certification
  • Notify local government within required timeframe of any failure of the pool owner to request a re-inspection
  • How to apply for your pool safety inspectors licence via the QBCC

In addition to the above, we also want to assist you in ensuring you set up your business for the most successful outcome. Our expert trainer will also provide you with the following:

  • Live real inspection videos to watch after the course demonstrating how to conduct inspections of barriers (eg testing pool gates etc)
  • QBCC videos demonstrating how to conduct inspections of pool barriers (eg testing of pool gates)
  • Pool safety inspectors booking sheet to prepare for your inspection and use with your clients
  • Pool Safety Inspector’s checklist for conducting inspections
  • QDC MP 3.4 diagrams to include on your nonconformity notices


Stay Safe Industry Training is now taking enrolments, enrol now.

After completing your enrolment form you will be required to pay a deposit of $150. Our representative will then contact you for payment of the remaining fees within 24 hours to secure your place on the course.

After payment of your course fees you will be provided with all of your course training materials, and your webinar invitations to attend each day of the course with your trainer and peers.


For any further information regarding training courses please contact Jacqui Murphy on 0411 461 432.